Hybrid Solar Power Plants which create electricity and  heat.

Our Hybrid Power Plants are highly modular, scaling both upwards and downwards.

The heat can be used for air-conditioning, industrial drying, steam generation.

Scalable Solar Power & Heat

Imagine: hybrid solar technology producing both heat and electricity, powering your business. Sunfish deliver versatile solar power plants and integrated heating, drying and cooling solutions.

Making renewable energy cost-competitive with fossil fuels has driven Sunfish to innovate and establish a new way of thinking about renewable solutions, resulting in energy solutions that are highly scalable, reduce risk and save money on current fossil fuel alternatives.

We combine advances in concentrated photovoltaic and concentrated solar thermal technologies, as well as our expertise in optics and thermal management to deliver heat and electricity from the same solar power plant.

Sunfish’s solutions are used to reduce your business’s energy and reduce or remove your fuel risk, whatever your needs.

Our Solutions