Fossil Fuel

Sunfish Solution



Biomass & Solar Combined

Sunfish delivers thermal energy using its Hybrid Solar Power Plant system, and we can combine with wooden pellets to offer 24/7 heat, at temperatures exceeding 320°C.




Our system captures the sun’s energy at very high concentrations, delivering it at 80-320°C heat and as electrical energy
Our solutions can  reduce drying bills by up to 30% (depending on location)
Our systems can be built off-grid capable, meaning cooling all day and night.
Remove the energy risks of burning imported fuels like diesel
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Possible Thermal Applications

Large Mall Air-Conditioning

> 32% savings on air-conditioning costs
> Our systems work 24/7, by cogenerating with wood pellets


Grain Mill

>25% savings on milling Thermal Costs
>Reduce reliance on imported diesel, solar energy & wooden pellets
>Heat is provided 24/7, completely off-grid