NGOs & Developmental Organisations

In conjunction with our partners, we can deliver electricity, heating & cooling for developmental projects and large residential projects. We have developed an initiative to build thermal versions of our systems using wood, which is cheap and much more accessible than steel in certain areas.



The hotter the outside temperature, the harder our integrated system works. The hotter it gets, the more cooling and heating communities and projects will get.
Our solutions can be the cheapest available source of heat and electricity.
Fuel is often hard to source in areas where NGO’s and Developmental Organisations work, and Sunfish’s Power Plants can be totally off-grid.
Remove the energy risks of burning imported fuels like diesel. This is particularly important for high-risk buildings like hospitals.
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Possible Thermal Applications


Scale: 1MW Electricity 2MW Thermal
> 25% savings on air-conditioning costs
> Resistant to rolling blackouts & fuel shortages
> Partly roof-mounted, less space than PV


Village Electrification

Scale: 20kW Electricity 20kW Thermal
>Current electrification through imported diesel
>Stable energy supply
>Cost of grid connection may be too high normally