Fossil Fuel

Sunfish Solution



Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration

Sunfish delivers cooling using the sun’s energy and its Hybrid Solar Power Plant solution. The solution can air-condition your buildings or refrigerate for storage and transportation. The system can simultaneously produce heat for auxiliary heating, whether industrial or for winter heating.


The hotter the outside temperature, the harder our integrated system works. The hotter it gets, the more cooling you get.
Our solutions can save you up to 40% on your cooling costs, depending on your location.
Our systems can be built off-grid capable, meaning cooling all day and night.
Remove the energy risks of burning imported fuels like diesel
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Possible Thermal Applications

Mall Air-Conditioning

> 28% savings on air-conditioning costs
> Governmental environment tax incentives
> Roof-mounted, less space required than PV


Industrial Refrigeration

>25% savings on air-conditioning costs
>Reduce reliance on imported diesel
>Electricity even when grid electricity is down