Sharp sets conversion efficiency record of 44.4%

Japan’s Sharp Corp has used a concentrator triple-junction III-V compound semiconductor photovoltaic cell to achieve a solar energy conversion efficiency of 44.4%, exceeding the record of 43.5% for concentrating conversion efficiency set in March 2011 by Solar Junction of San Jose, CA, USA, a manufacturer of III-V multi-junction solar cells for concentrated photovoltaics (CPV), and...

Triple-Junction Solar Cell Efficiency Aiming for 50%

The current world record for triple-junction solar cell efficiency is 44 percent, but a collaboration between the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory(NRL), the Imperial College of London, and MicroLink Devices Inc. has led to a multi-junction photovoltaic cell design that could break the 50 percent conversion efficiency barrier under concentrated solar illumination. Presently, the best examples...

Treehugger: New world record for solar cells: 44% efficiency

Treehugger: The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), and their industry partner Solar Junction, have just set the bar even higher in the race for ultra-high-effiency photovoltaic (PV) cells by achieving another world record of 44% efficiency. The newest cells build on previous successes with multi-junction PV cells (which use layered semiconductors, with each layer optimized...