Our Technology

Sunfish technology combines concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) and concentrated solar power (CSP) technologies, developing highly efficient, scalable, ultra low-cost power plants.

Heliostat fields concentrate light with low-cost glass mirrors. In conventional CSP the concentrated light from heliostats is directed to a special thermal panel, heating a fluid that passes through a steam generator to drive a heat engine. We take a different approach, replacing the thermal panel, thermal fluid, steam generating technology and heat engine with an ultra low-cost and very efficient Sunfish HCPV system.


  • Our total combined system efficiency is >65%.
  • Our system’s electrical output is only increasing as multi-junction cells become more efficient (currently 44.3% world record).
  • Our system’s thermal output is increasing as we optimise our advanced cooling technologies and advanced optics.
  • The total system efficiencies increase as we optismise our light collection via heliostats.
We can save up to 35% off your electrical bills and 35-40% on your heating bills (depending on location)
Our systems can be built off-grid capable, meaning electricity, heat & cooling all day and night.
Remove the energy risks of burning imported fuels like diesel
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