Fossil Fuel

Sunfish Solution




Desalination & Atmospheric Water Generation

Sunfish delivers water using its Hybrid Solar Power Plant system, producing heat which is then used to either desalinate water using conventional thermal desalination systems, or to produce water from air, using atmospheric water generation systems.

Traditionally, both systems require a lot of thermal energy, which until now meant fossil fuels being burnt. The Sunfish system can produce this water using solar energy and brackish or saline water, or even from air.


The hotter the outside temperature, the more water our integrated system can produce.
Our solutions can save you up to 30% on your water costs, depending on your location.
Our systems can be built off-grid capable, meaning water all day and night.
Remove the energy risks of burning valuable imported fuels like diesel to produce a necessary commodity like water.
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Possible Thermal Applications

Residential Water Supply

> No risks associated with burning fuels for water
> Clean source of heat to produce fresh clean drinking & irrigation water
> Roof-mounted, less space required than PV


Desalination Plant

>Fossil Fuels are not burned to produce freshwater
>Water produced has a fixed cost, no energy price risks